Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The radio documentary in the digital age

You are keen on learning about the future of radio documentaries. You believe in the power of the web, and you do know that multimedia, crossmedia and transmedia are no buzzwords but the place where future will take old media to. So welcome to the Think Tank Leipzig!

The Think Tank Leipzig will
  • focus on existing strategies from across Europe,
  • talk about the needed means and skills,
  • look at the legal obstacles,
  • analyse today's radio usage, and
  • concentrate on innovative radio feature forms.
Our discussions will take place at the Leipzig Media Campus, and our host will be the Media Foundation of the Sparkasse Leipzig. Its
commitment is the fostering of the training and continuing education of young people in the media field. This involves the presentation of scholarships (such as in the context of the Leipzig Media Award), targeted project support, and the organization of events furthering political education. The projects of the Foundation are financed by the income of the Foundation’s treasury as well as the contributions and donations of third parties."

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