Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nutshell: Kasia Michalak

Why is the radio so close to us?

Because many of us have been growing up by the radio.

The today’s young generation is growing up in front of a screen and is not interested in listening to audio stories, perceiving this way of depicting reality as unattractive, lacking vividness.

I frequently meet young people who have never heard of a radio feature. Or they have heard the term but never the feature itself. Although there are millions of radio feature podcasts available on the Internet...

Hence, I see the need for doing the most basic things.

Promoting the art of listening.

In our regional radio station features are presented regularly from Monday to Thursday at 10 p.m. After broadcast we have live discussions with our listeners.

Once a month we give an award to the most interesting commentary sent to us by internet users.

Also once a month we organise in Lublin meetings with the most renowned feature makers.

Each time we are promoting the event wherever we can - on radio, TV, press, the internet (the internet is a means not the aim!). We meet in a cult cafe in the Lublin Old City, first listen to the feature and then talk for a long time. Lots of young people come. They say they prefer listening together than via facebook (after all, the very process of listening is always solitary experience). They seek and they find something new.

Our another project (currently at the preparatory stage) is an audiobus. We want to travel from one town to another (around whole Poland), set out loudspeakers and chairs at squares or backyards and invite the residents to join us in listening to local stories conveying a universal message. A kind of travelling audio theater.

Because it is the MEETING that a radio feature is about. A meeting with a character, with a listener. A first hand live experience. It takes three things to make this meeting possible: silence, a moment of standstill, and eagerness to find out what others think or feel.

What we can do is ensure at least the first two..."

Kasia Michalak, PR, head of radio feature, Poland

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