Monday, January 23, 2012

Nutshell: Else Barrat-Due

Our audience, especially the younger generation, is leaving the good old radio. When they listen, they find what they want on the net and most of all: on smartphones and iPods. The listening experience is liberated in time and room. This gives another kind of freedom to the listeners. Just like in the music industry it is important that our sound expressions can be found on itunes, spotify, youtube, etc.

What challenges does this fact give us?

That distribution on new platforms is important. We need to find new ways of reaching people where they actually are.

The problems of meeting this development is tied to getting the rights from the artist’s organizations.

Another question: Will distribution on new platforms demand other kinds of production, other types of genre, other types of drama? The media is the form? That we do not know yet.

What the net can offer and which might be of interest is the interactive possibilities with the listeners, which again can affect the form.

Also, all the affectionados now have access to equipment to record and edit radiodrama. And they have the means to distribute it. This might lead to competition, but also to a renaissance for the radiodrama."

Else Barrat-Due, NRK, director/producer, Norway

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