Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nutshell: Simon Elmes

The radio feature is the highest form of art-concealing-art the medium proposes. Programme makers construct their reversion of reality that artfully finds compelling stories in the banal, the everyday, the 'normal'. The people are the story and the tellers of the story, and the artistry of the maker conspires to offer articulacy to the inarticulate, to discover beauty in the trashcan, to build a story that will stir hearts and challenge minds. It's making Hamlet from Tower Hamlets, The Seagull from Southampton docks… Yet now it finds its artistry challenged by a medium whose day-to-day idiom is the readymade, the transient, the baggy, the brief, the haphazard… Does the feature-maker undo his / her artistry, unmake the perfection? …create the Artfully Artless? Ponder on."

Simon Elmes, BBC, radio documentary, creative director, United Kingdom

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