Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nutshell: Connor Walsh

Radio features are pure humanity, yet are grounded in technology. That foundation has evolved – field recording, to stereo, to digital broadcast and now on-demand.

Evolution, to us non-scientists, means survival of the fittest, and extinction of the laggards.

There's a feature producer at Radio New Zealand who had the choice of retiring along with the tape machines, or of facing up to learning a digital editing system. He chose to stay working, and a few years later his cubical wall was adorned with love poems to someone called "Sadie".

He chose not to retire, because of financial necessity.

This may ring familiar: the human fight amidst the machines.

Radio features makers are curious and egotistical people, so we should enjoy digging into new ways of being heard, no?"

Connor Walsh, In The Dark Radio, manager, United Kingdom

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