Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nutshell: Laurent Marceau

This is my "view from the bridge"…

Listening habits have changed drastically and very quickly over the past few years. And this new kind of "media consumption" keeps on movin' on… The digital natives are growing up as platform-agnostics and it would be crazy to ignore this. This is the reason why Broadcasters have had/have to change and adapt…

Shall we mention the question of rights? Yes, we should!

What about the Radio Feature in all that?

I suppose there are two ways to look at it: the digital world offers new opportunities, new platforms and democratizes access to content. That can only be good for Documentary makers. For those who want to tell stories, and those who want to listen to them… apps, podcasts, on-demand platforms offer new opportunities. This is the positive way to look at it.

But, what if these Feature productions are gradually phased out of the "normal/linear" slots and end up being found only on these new platforms?

Then one can smell danger…

Not a Nutshell this, more a Bombshell like…"

Laurent Marceau, EBU, head of Eurosonic/radio plus, radio fiction and radio feature, Switzerland

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