Friday, January 27, 2012

Public service radio: Still going strong but declining

"In terms of reach and market share, public service radio broadcasting is still going strong, but on the long run it is declining", says Alexander Shulzycki, head of research, European Broadcasting Union. Even though the reach still is remarkably strong across Europe, a long term erosion has become obvious. On the other hand, Facebook, Twitter and video-sharing sites are increasing fast. On average public service Media are present on three social media platforms. Services like dominates the online listening with younger generations. Yet, 71% do not make their broadcasts available online due to copyright problems.

Media surveys in the U.S. shows a slow but steady growth of online radio consumption over the past eight years (, an algorithm-driven online music service not available in Europe, dominating online listening). U.S. audiences listen to radio via mobile phones (mostly downloaded music, also podcasts and simulcasts) and iPads.

Knowing that traditional market research can hardly predict what is ahead of us, Shulzycki's 10 to-dos for public service broadcasters are:
  1. Use storytelling and dramatury in order to enhance audience interaction.
  2. Split your content on different platforms.
  3. Enhance on-air, online and on-site cross-media interaction.
  4. Ensure your presence on the platforms where your listeners are.
  5. Protect your channel brand and bring your listeners back home (to your website).
  6. Personalise and create narrative content.
  7. Take advantage of user-generated content (UGC) and the "collective mind" of the listeners.
  8. Pay attention to on-topic posts published by listeners and fans.
  9. Pay attention to the social media manager (a key success factor).
  10. Make creative and experimental use of social media.

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