Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nutshell: Daniela Manolova

Here is my humble opinion too. A year ago I visited the 100-and-a-half-year old listener Rebecca at her place in Sofia and made an interview with her. She was blind since months, but in very good condition. Her memories about radio start with the fact that a relative of her brought some techncal pieces from Germany in the 20-s and constructed her first radio receiver by himself. During the Second War the use of radio receivers was banned in Sofia and the government officially closed each of them with a special stamp. War was somehow silent for Rebecca. Talking about radio in her life she used a special phrase: Radioto mi e priyatelche - Radio is my little friend. There is something amazing in the use of the bg word 'priyatelche' - 'little friend' here. The word for 'a friend' is 'priyatel', for 'a woman friend' is 'priyatelka' and it has a meaning of a friend and a lover as well. 'Priyatelche' is of neutral gender and sounds already asexual, small, vulnerable, sincere, fragile. Rebecca used that word to express her tenderness, loyalty, carefulness and deep deep long long dependence from it. Radio is as old as Rebecca, actually. 'Priyatelche' was the simplest and the most precise word for the phenomenon in my eyes. Maybe this is the code for the future. Objective or completely subjective, if radio (feature) remains our priyatelche there will be a reserved place in our heart for him. Maybe the question is about the tone, to find the tone or keep the tone with the help of all new tools and instruments - the tone of communication in the digital age."

Daniela Manolova, BNR, head of radio feature, Bulgaria

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