Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nutshell: Ljubo Pauzin

When I have joined a so-called “social network” (namely “fb” – inspired by “Prix Europa” – as I have been inspired there so many times in the couple of past decades) first what I have noticed at the home page was their motto – “It is free, and it will always be free.” Radio has been “on air” since it has been invented and “air” is free. In my humble opinion so should the Internet be – free. Of course there is always a certain danger of piracy, but hasn’t that been a danger in the “space of air”? Since almost from the very beginning someone could have recorded music or speech from the radio, but it has proved not to be a real “big time” danger to the authors or companies whatsoever. Why couldn’t Internet be free as air? We were recently facing a wish to limit the space of Internet (what have caused Wikipedia to close the access for 24 hours just to warn us to the danger of censorship). I see the Think Tank Leipzig as the opportunity to invite our governments to bring laws, which will make Internet a free zone instead of a limited one. We are not entering the digital era, we are deeply in it."

Ljubo Pauzin, HRT, feature executive producer, Croatia

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