Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nutshell: Katrin Moll

I belong to the generation compact cassette. I grew up with the Sony Walkman, which changed the listening habit of a whole generation. Take what you want to hear with you, make it your soundtrack while you are on the move – analog and linear.

Now there is a big revival of this mobile listening habit with all these mobile devices popping up everywhere– digital and non-linear.

I have the feeling, that my generation (and younger) is constantly moving. I am thinking of canceling my landline, because I don’t use it anymore. I watch TV on my smart phone and listen to radio on the Internet. People invest in really good headphones – the mobile listening quality is often much better than if they’d listen to the stuff at home on their mono kitchen radio. And I think that’s wonderful! There are so many opportunities lying ahead. For sure every new medium offers new tools and new techniques and therefore demands new forms. And that is what I am interested in as an editor – and actually I do not worry about these new forms, I see them coming.

As an author and director I am not afraid about these new possibilities – on the contrary – but I am much concerned about how I get paid (properly) for content that is distributed via Internet. Besides finding new forms for the digital distribution platforms, I feel that is one of the big challenges for the radio stations in the digital age."

Katrin Moll, Deutschlandradio Kultur, radio drama/radio feature, Germany

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