Saturday, January 28, 2012

Denmark's third ear

2007 the danish public broadcaster DK closed down the radio documentary department. Tim Hinman, eager to add a bright chapter to a sad story, founded "The Third Ear" in 2009 (overall cost: € ~250.000) - a project not only meant to be about art, but to be art itself. "The Third Ear" is a multimedia art magazine. 20 issues have been produced so far, issued monthly, and providing long audio features and art videos: Artists are filmed doodling and drawing while the user listens to the audio documentary on that artist. "Audio on the internet is growing, and it's here to stay", Hinman says.

Hinman's team startet with literally no users at all. There was no PR at all, but there were personal connections, there was Facebook, and in the end there were the press and TV. Du to a lack of further funding, the project had to close down.

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