Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nutshell: Richard Goll

Last weekend I saw in TV a report on an exhibition of David Hockney – celebrating his 75th birthday. One major topic was that Hockney had painted 51 pictures on his iPad. BUT the product - the paintings – or rather printings could have been produced in conventional technique in same quality.

Is there an analogy to our subjects – new ways of finding and shaping things – new ways of production or even more of distribution, leading to products – very similar to the known formats?

I do believe strongly that the possibilities of the internet for distribution outside the walls of publishers and companies is a really great achievement for authors. What I'm missing till now are the platforms for this type of productions (you get lost in the social networks) to build up communities of users.

But is this all, is this enough? I'm pretty interested what I will hear from younger producers that is more than distribution."

Richard Goll, freelancer, Austria

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