Monday, January 23, 2012

Nutshell: Willem Davids

The Author have the last word!

Since the existence of internet in the digital age -now about 20 years-, I've talks with international (feature) authors about the limitless possibilities of the Internet.

In all those years -until yesterday- is there still a huge fear of many authors to submit their work digitally.

I've heard: "Do not, because anyone can do with it what he wants, ..." or: "No, I do not want to, because I have the rights ..." or: "I lost control over MY work ...".Fortunately there are exceptions. Authors who think ahead, without fear!

But if it continues with a few exceptions, as for years, then we have serious problem.

Developments (2012 and further) are not hopefull.

In recent months are important international worldwide and local websites, with (legal) access for sharing creative work, prohibited because complaints from authors!

I think a fruitful discussion have purposes, only if authors are willing to set aside their whining, their childish fear and (latest) prefer to close digital share- platforms and -websites.

Call: Authors (feature makers included) come on!

Be careful, before you make a 'museum piece only' of yourself."

Willem Davids, NTR, Netherlands

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